Bill & Caroline O’Leary

Phuket |

We’ve lived in Phuket since 1987. We’re both Australian foreigners – so calling the island home and raising our 4 children here has been an exciting adventure. We’ve known Angela and Lek ( and Amy ) since around 1994. Phuket Consult is their multi-functional assistance company.

These are singular individuals in Phuket. Staunch salt of the earth people who have always been there for our family in situations where we ‘just can’t cope’. Yes, even being here as long as we have; we still call on Angela and Lek when we ‘need’ something to be done right with the least amount of cost, fuss and headache at all government and local levels.

They’re always amazingly efficient and totally transparent. Whether it’s a nagging immigration, labor, customs, business, police or tax department issue – Phuket Consult will sort it out.

We do all our insurance through them – and they’ve always been there on our side to settle any claims. For those very rare incomprehensible ‘nightmare’ situations that can suddenly arise in Thailand both Angela and Lek have always been right there with us making sure we’re treated fairly and protected under the constitution.

There is not enough space here for us to truly appraise these people – but we can unreservedly recommend them for all foreigners living in Phuket for any and all of their many services offered at Phuket Consult.