Your Emergency Executant

From time to time living on the beautiful island of Phuket problems will occur... as anywhere. Language difficulties and cultural differences can make these, sometimes simple situations seem insurmountable.

That is why we are here. To mediate, interpret, negotiate and use our wealth of local knowledge to your advantage. Whether it is a brush with the law or burst pipes flooding your house a simple call to us is usually all that is necessary to find a solution.

For example, an all too common emergency such as a serious road traffic accident brings to the fore Phuket Consult's role as mediator and negotiator - using our vast network of connections and understanding of both local and foreign cultures we can quickly and efficiently cut through the red tape and bureaucracy that is usually encountered.

Because we understand the difficulties that can arise when you live in a foreign country we are always on hand to assist to you in these situations that require local knowledge and experience.

Some of our Services...

Traffic Accidents
Police Negotiation
Home Emergencies
Damage Control


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