Governmental Bodies within Thailand

The Ministry of Commerce

A Cabinet ministry within the Government of Thailand. The head of the ministry is called the Minister of Commerce - a member of the Cabinet of Thailand. It is in charge of trade, prices of important agricultural goods, consumer protection, entrepreneurship, insurance, intellectual property protection, exports and representing Thailand at the World Trade Organization.

The Revenue Department

Taxation is the main source of government's revenue. A large part of tax collection comes from three main agencies under the Ministry of Finance. These are the Revenue Department, the Excise Department, and the Customs Department - which collectively account for about 85-90% of the government's revenue. The Revenue Department itself collects more than half of the total tax collection.

The Social Security Office

The objective the Social Security Office is to support employees who suffer from accident, illness, disability or death, not related to work. As of 2004 all Thai Companies must register for Social Welfare tax on all employees including the foreigners who hold work permit. You must pay percentage tax on employees wages each month & a percentage government fee. Employers, employees and the government must contribute an equal monthly sum to the Social Security Fund at the percentage rate set at the present time.