Setting up and running a company in Thailand can be complex and frustrating. It's a different culture, a different language and a very different way of getting things done! Many have started this process but have given up for these reasons. With Phuket Consult at your side we remove the stress factor making the process straight forward and simple.

We provide a start-up consultancy service with operational support services to entrepreneurs and corporations who want to establish their business in Thailand. We can set up your company, take care of legal matters, deal with your accounting, provide you with your own office (either fixed or 'mobile') and assist you in the acquisition of your business visa, work permit and permanent residence.

Company Set-Up Services

Company Registration

To establish a business in Thailand, you have three choices:
1) Thai partnership
2) Thai representative office
3) Thai limited company a private limited company is the most sensible option to take for foreigners wishing to do business in Thailand. Please Contact Us for further information.

Tax Registration

Every company in Thailand must register for corporate tax and usually VAT. If your Company generates below a specified income, then it is not required for you to file for or pay VAT - this we can advise you upon. The Thai taxation system is fairly simple and with the right guidance from us it is fairly trouble free.

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Employee Social Security

The Social Security Act requires all employers to withhold social security contributions as a percentage of the monthly salary of all employees. Employees with social security registration may file compensation claims for injury, illness, disability or death which is not due to work performance, childbirth, child welfare, retirement and unemployment. Phuket Consult arrange for all of these payments to be made on your behalf.

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Company Name Registration

New Business developers are required to reserve a company name via the Department of Business Development. Phuket Consult can perform this task very simply on your behalf.

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Memorandum of Association Filing

There are a number of requirements to file your Memorandum of Association, namely: (a) the company names in Thai and in a foreign language (b) nature of business (c) Registered capital (d) Number and par value of shares (e) address of the main Office (f) names, ages, and addresses of promoters (g) number of shares subscribed by each promoter (h) signatures of all promoters. We at Phuket Consult make this rather complicated process, involving a fair amount of Thai translation, a rather more straightforward process.

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Statutory Meeting Convening

Once Phuket Consult have gained approval for your company via the Memorandum of Association, we can then organize the statutory meeting where shareholders must pay in at least 25% of the registered capital.

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