Day to day living in Thailand is the same as anywhere else in the world, bills to pay, accounts to be kept and business finances to be kept in order. Here at Phuket Consult we can ease the burden, managing your expenses, training your staff and creating easy to use accounting systems.

Money Management

Bill Payment & Expenses Management

No matter how you pay your bills, Phuket Consult makes it easy to record the payment and pay your bills for you. Keeping your bill payment activity current means your bills are updated to their current status, i.e., Paid In Full, and your bank or credit cards balance are accurate.
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Accounting Systems for Business

Phuket Consult are on hand in an advisory capacity to implement manual and computerized procedures and controls to keep track of your financial activities and to summarize these activities in a manner useful to its managers and financial controllers. Preparing accurate source documents, entering data into the accounting records and processing transactions accurately, updating master files properly, and generating accurate documents and reports.
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Internal Audit Service

Phuket Consult are well versed in reviewing internal control such as operating procedures and methods for the purpose of evaluating efficiency and effectiveness to provide value to the organization through improved operational effectiveness. Also monitoring traditional responsibilities such as reviewing the reliability and integrity of information, compliance with policies and regulations and the safeguarding of assets.
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Account Staff Training

Our experts are on hand to provide accountancy training services to both Thai and foreign staff alike, either at your own premises or in our own new offices in Rawai.
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